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A whole different kind of architectural firm.

John Doe

Talented architect with a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovative design. Experienced in delivering exceptional architectural solutions that blend aesthetics and functionality.

Louise W. Abner

Skilled architect with expertise in creating sustainable and visually striking designs. Committed to delivering excellence and transforming client visions into reality through thoughtful and creative solutions.

Burçak Gökbörü
General Coordinator

Highly organized and efficient general coordinator with strong project management skills. Successfully oversees projects, ensuring smooth operations and timely execution to meet client expectations.

Sheri R. Walker
General Coordinator

Results-driven general coordinator with exceptional leadership abilities. Manages projects with precision and ensures effective coordination among team members to deliver successful outcomes.

Angela Elledge
Human Resources

Experienced human resources professional adept at managing employee relations, talent acquisition, and performance management. Implements strategies to foster a positive work culture and support employee growth.

John Walker
CEO / Founder

Visionary CEO and founder driving business growth through strategic planning and innovative solutions. Inspires teams to exceed expectations, delivering exceptional results and shaping the future of the company.

Our Offices

You can join to our team.

Head Office

New York Office

+(01) 426-9824
Luxe Architecture
Suite 3845 New York, USA

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European Office

London Office

+(01) 426-9824
Luxe Architecture
Suite 3845 London, United Kingdom

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